Alberta Street Pub

Open 11am -midnight Sunday through Thursday and 11 am-2 am Friday & Saturday

Re-established in 2013, the Alberta Street Pub is a complete remodel of the old neighborhood Public House. The kitchen serves up an inspired and locally sourced menu to complement our craft cocktails and the 21 rotating draft beers. The Pub continues its tradition of friendly service with skilled bartenders, table service, a live music venue, and enormous heated patio. The venue side has been updated as well with a focus on acoustics and comfort. We offer one of the best listening environments in Portland with an intimate setting and a high quality sound system. Whether it’s bluegrass, jazz, folk, country, soul, or funk you’ll find something to love nearly every night of the week. Ask about our service industry discounts or discover our happy hour food and drink specials Monday through Friday from 4 to 6pm.

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Siren & The Sea • Eugene Ugly • There Is No Mountain • $7

There Is No Mountain is a Portland, OR-based husband-and-wife duo that combines percussion, guitar, and an affinity for vocal harmony to create a unique brand of pop with intricate, world-music-influenced arrangements.  The band's subtly virtuosic style has been compared in print to current acts like The Dirty Projectors and classics like Paul Simon's Graceland, but it is perhaps more telling that reviewers have tried to peg the duo's musical influences in genres ranging from jazz to folk, classical to psychedelic rock, and world music to doom metal.  Kali and Matt call it “pop with a short attention span”.
TINM's live set-up is an exercise in multitasking - the duo sings nearly everything in harmony while Kali plays a medley of tom drums and percussive instruments, and Matt animates his acoustic guitar using nimble fingers and a bevy of effect pedals.  African rhythms, jazz harmonies, shape-shifting arrangements, theatrical melodies, and psychedelic swirls seep through the americana exterior, making the live show a total surprise to any first-timer.  After spending the last few years on constant self-booked tours all over the country and finding themselves in situations ranging from 110-degree basements to a headline show at Lincoln Center in NYC, TINM took a break in 2015 to record a new LP (LUNA), which came out in January 2016 on ORG Music to lots of press and blog acclaim.

Siren & The Sea

Cristina Cano (also of Sallie Ford, Albatross) is a writer, vocalist, and performer dedicated to crafting rich melodic soundscapes, as well as engaging intimate and vulnerable experiences. In her project Siren & the Sea, she lyrically explores the balance between natural elements, the unpredictable ways of the heart, elegance, and secrets you shouldn’t but ultimately need to share. In the upcoming Siren and the Sea LP entitled This Time With Feeling, she develops a world of seemingly underwater and other worldly symphonies highlighted by her own lush vocals, as well as those of her long-time harmonizer, Stephanie Woods. This Time With Feeling involves soulful melodies, layers of rich synthesizers, bass (feat. Zachary Domer), electronic drums, and pedal steel and baritone/ guitar (feat. Erik Clampitt of Hook & Anchor, Clampitt and Gaddis).

Eugene Ugly are a two man rock band from Sacramento, CA. George plays drums and is secure in himself, while Cameron sings, plays guitar, and worries. They combine years of staying indoors with a fear of dying alone, which somehow manifests as fun, energetic storytelling: murderous children, William F. Buckley Jr., drunken journalists, hug machines, and Los Angeles cults all find a home in the songs. Their first album, "The Boca Vampires," will be out in April, and is a concept album about a short, brutal town on the Texas/Mexico border. Live, Eugene Ugly sweat and laugh in front of strangers, which is as good as life can get.

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