Alberta Street Pub

Open 11am -midnight Sunday through Thursday and 11 am-2 am Friday & Saturday

Re-established in 2013, the Alberta Street Pub is a complete remodel of the old neighborhood Public House. The kitchen serves up an inspired and locally sourced menu to complement our craft cocktails and the 21 rotating draft beers. The Pub continues its tradition of friendly service with skilled bartenders, table service, a live music venue, and enormous heated patio. The venue side has been updated as well with a focus on acoustics and comfort. We offer one of the best listening environments in Portland with an intimate setting and a high quality sound system. Whether it’s bluegrass, jazz, folk, country, soul, or funk you’ll find something to love nearly every night of the week. Ask about our service industry discounts or discover our happy hour food and drink specials Monday through Friday from 4 to 6pm.

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Noah Beck • Leo J. and the Melee

If Noah Beck were a wine, he wouldn't be. 

He would be that sweetspot aged whiskey; connoisseur approved, laymen loved, and honest in a way that waters his audiences parched soul. Modern chamber folk. Jazz and soul inflected Americana. Noah's art is as much shaken awake from his many years of classical training as it is from the bloom of half n'half in coffee, the petrichor that permeates the air, and the god­damned persistent flux of the Human Condition. For Noah, music = church.

Noah's songs are more evocative than demonstrative, more thoughtful than earnest, and more ethereal than storytelling. His music can span a diverse range of subjects from lake cabins and family to the embryonic psychedelic experience. His music is influenced by Patty Griffin, Paul Simon, The Grateful Dead, Bill Frisell, Claude Debussy, and the Wu­Tang clan, among many, many others. In his last show before embarking on a month long artist residency up in Washington, Noah is (very excited/honored to be) joined by violinist/vocalist Sophie Bloch (Shook Twins, Robin Jackson Band), and upright bassist Julio Appling (The Student Loan). Together they help fully realize his songs with swirling harmonies and rock­solid musicianship.

Leo J. is a Portland-based songwriter with one heel deeply rooted in tradition and another in the muck and mirth of the modern world. With a poetic simplicity and a keen eye, he writes and sings with an earthy earnestness reminiscent of a young John Prine or Townes Van Zandt.

His debut album, homeland for the restless, is a collection of “hands-in-the-dirt, face-to-the-wind folks songs” that follow the contours of the nation’s musical landscape, sidestepping through jazz clubs, blues parlors and Nashville honky-tonks while capturing the spirit of a rootless generation.

And Leo J. doesn’t just sing these landscapes to life; he lives them. When he decided to take his show on the road in 2013, he turned to Will, his willow-green touring bicycle. Determined to share his music and get a more intimate look at the land that inspires his sound, he embarked on a bicycle-powered music tour, loaded down with camping gear, an acoustic guitar and a box of CD’s. He pedaled East from his home in Oregon, performing all the way to the Atlantic.

A self-declared “dyed-in-the-wool folkie”, Leo J. has not always stuck with traditional sounds. In his early twenties he actually played with the Brooklyn punk rockers, The So So Glos. But when he began writing his own songs, he curiously found himself drawn to the simplicity and expressive power of folk music. He never looked back.

His charming performances are marked with stories, singalongs and good cheer. Expect cowboy yips, colorful ballads and belly laughs