Alberta Street Pub

Open 11am -midnight Sunday through Thursday and 11 am-2 am Friday & Saturday

Re-established in 2013, the Alberta Street Pub is a complete remodel of the old neighborhood Public House. The kitchen serves up an inspired and locally sourced menu to complement our craft cocktails and the 21 rotating draft beers. The Pub continues its tradition of friendly service with skilled bartenders, table service, a live music venue, and enormous heated patio. The venue side has been updated as well with a focus on acoustics and comfort. We offer one of the best listening environments in Portland with an intimate setting and a high quality sound system. Whether it’s bluegrass, jazz, folk, country, soul, or funk you’ll find something to love nearly every night of the week. Ask about our service industry discounts or discover our happy hour food and drink specials Monday through Friday from 4 to 6pm.

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Mero • Cavegreen • Johanna Warren • $5

Merō is an electronic indie trip pop band from Portland. With lush cavernous vocals, swelling electric guitars, rushing soundscapes, and somewhat R&B/ hip hop influenced electronic beats, Merō seems to have arrived from its modern influences (Sylvan Esso, Bjork, Four Tet, James Blake, Daughter) nuanced by its folk roots, prophetic dreams and a fascination with the evolution of human history. It is currently evolving in its experimental, beginning stages. Merō is the newest project from Portland songwriters Mel Baker (The Breaking Yard, Sandy Loam, Whales Whailing, Luz Elena Mendoza), Rachel Anna Dial (Big World Audio Theater) and Caroline Belk. Previously playing predominantly indie folk or acoustic music, Mel (electric guitar, vocals, effects) Rachel Anna (electric guitar, vocals), and Caroline (Ableton live) are sharing the music that has been surfacing in each of them for quite some time. Mel and Rachel connected musically when Mel joined The Big World Audio Theatre for a West Coast tour in September of 2014. They began sharing and writing music together this past winter. After playing a small house show in February and receiving a very positive response/ being asked to play more shows, they decided to continue working together. Wanting to bring to fruition the more experimental direction they longed for, they enlisted the help of Caroline, who helped Mel begin to hone the soundscape, beats and effects she was writing using Ableton live. Caroline is now fully involved in the creative writing process.

Cavegreen is the artistic collaboration of Eleanor Murray and GianLuca Bucci, that blends electronic and acoustic music, poetry, and dance.  Eleanor has been a musician, songwriter, and performer for the last ten years; GianLuca comes from a background of environmental work, photography, and years of study in the ancient and modern philosophical traditions of the earth.  Their collaboration explores the modalities of our connectivity with nature, the earth, each other and with the cosmos at large. It draws inspiration from all forms of life and their mysteries, and aims to celebrate our home planet guided by a sense of appreciation for her hosting care.

An intuitively self-taught guitarist, Johanna Warren channels powerful songs in weird time signatures and melancholic open tunings, weaving adept finger-picking with acrobatic vocal lines and carefully crafted poetry in reverence of her patron songwriting saints Elliott Smith, Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake. Approaching music as a potent healing modality, Warren cultivates and honors the physically healing properties of sound and the spiritually healing powers of artistic expression.