Alberta Street Pub

Open 4pm to 1amish Every Day

Re-established in 2013, the Alberta Street Pub is a complete remodel of the old neighborhood Public House. The kitchen serves up an inspired and locally sourced menu to compliment our craft cocktails and the 21 rotating draft beers. The Pub continues its tradition of friendly service with skilled bartenders, table service, a live music venue, and enormous heated patio. The venue side has been updated as well with a focus on acoustics and comfort. We offer one of the best listening environments in Portland with an intimate setting and a high quality sound system. Whether it’s bluegrass, jazz, folk, country, soul, or funk you’ll find something to love nearly every night of the week. Ask about our service industry discounts or discover our happy hour food and drink specials Monday through Friday from 4 to 6pm.

Our newly renovated, state of the art music room is fast becoming one of the most sought-after venues in Portland.  With a seated capacity of 44 and a standing capacity of 100, we are unique in both size and acoustics.  Check out the photos and the Frequently Asked Questions below and then get in touch by writing to


Booking: Chris Andersen • Email: • Phone: 503-284-7665

Available at the Pub 12pm to 8pm, Mon-Fri (please call ahead to verify availability) or by appointment.

Booking Availability

(As of 6/1/16 the following goes into effect. Previously confirmed bookings will not change.)

The Pub hosts music, comedy, and other events up to two times every evening. When booked for a time slot, please be aware of and courteous to those performing before or after you and load in/out in a timely manner.

  • Afternoon to Early Evening: We open at 4pm so the venue space is available for rentals or community activities from 4pm to 7pm, Monday through Thursday, 4 to 8pm Friday and Saturday. We also offer music shows in this time slot and recommend a window of 6 to 8pm (6 to 7:30 on weekdays). This is an ideal time period for acoustic music or other styles that fit well with our unique listening room potential. During this time slot no drums or loud amplifiers are permitted. Music must be a comfortable fit for dinner and drinks. Musicians may utilize our stage PA for their own sound, or with sufficient notice schedule one of our highly skilled sound technicians. Please see the FAQ below for ticketing and sound engineer information.

  • Prime Time: From Tuesday to Thursday the Pub offers live music from 9pm to midnight (this is the cutoff, and music need not necessarily go this late). Load in is at 8pm. On Fridays and Saturdays the start time is 9:30 and load in is at 8:30. During this time frame drums and amplifiers may be used within the parameters of the FAQ’s loudness restrictions. We are looking for upbeat acts in this slot on the weekends. This time frame is ideal for a wide range of music, but it should be lively and engaging for the crowd. The Pub provides a qualified sound engineer. Please see the FAQ Below for ticketing and sound information.

  • Sundays: Every Sunday afternoon we present a family friendly event that's all ages with music and more! Free for the whole crew.

    In the evening we offer a recurring comedy night that's fast becoming know as one of the best in the city. beginning at 8:30 every Sunday, it's always followed by a comedy open mic

  • Open Mic on Last Tuesdays: If you aren't quite ready for our stage or just want some extra exposure, please consider visiting our songwriter's open mic happening every Last Tuesday at 8pm! Signup begins at 7, so come in and have a beer with other great local musicians. 

Touring Bands

             We are a neighborhood Pub, but the venue is somewhat separated from the bar. We are looking for acts with their own built in draw. If you do not have a significant existing audience in Portland, please consider approaching other local bands you may know in order to build a bill before contacting booking. We are seldom in need of fill ins or acts to flesh out an existing bill. If you do have a following in town, please indicate your expected draw. See the FAQ for more details.


Private Parties, Community Events, and More

We are happy to host your reception, professional mixer, presentation, community event or anything else that you would like to bring to the Pub! Please contact with details about the nature of your event, number of guests, and any special requirements or questions you may have.  We also offer an 11 foot projection screen and HD projector for movie or short film showings. If you are interested, please inquire about catering for your event.


***CHANGES*** To Booking Policies Effective 2/1/16:

For an explanation of each change, please see the corresponding Q/A below.
Minimum Cover Charge: $7

Our Seated capacity is reduced to 44 persons.

Maximum full bands on a bill: 2 with an optional solo opener, 3 if acts are solo or small acoustic

Effective Immediately:

Our loudness restrictions will be more heavily enforced. This is not the venue to bring out your half stack. All amps are mic’d and their volume on stage kept lower for optimal audience experience. Loud drummers are asked to control their dynamics and bring a stripped down kit if their normal setup is larger than a standard 5 piece.



Q: How do I get my band/solo act/event booked at the Pub?

A: You're in the right place by starting here! Please read it thoroughly. Once you’ve done that, send an email to with links to the music and web presence of all the bands or artists on the bill you’re trying to book. Please do not send MP3’s. Include the date or range of dates you are interested in.


Q: What can the Pub do for me as a venue?

A: The Pub is Portland’s best sounding small venue. There, we said it. After a 9-month remodel, the Pub is a completely different animal. The venue side was built from the ground up by master craftsmen, nearly all of whom are musicians themselves. Everything was done with the artist and avid music lover in mind. We provide an intimate listening environment for those who appreciate music at its finest. We sport a 15’x8’ stage, extensive acoustic treatment, a 16 channel sound system, lighting, four independent monitor mixes, stands, DIs and high quality microphones in addition to a qualified engineer to make you sound your best. The Pub’s live room is the ideal spot for CD releases, live recordings (we offer this service with advanced notice), or just a great show in a venue your fans will appreciate.


Q: What kind of acts are you looking for?

A: We generally give priority to local musicians. We prefer touring bands to set up bills with someone from Portland who has their own draw. For best results when contacting the booking agent, try getting in touch with your musician friends and colleagues in town to start building a bill. We are rarely in need of someone to fill holes in the calendar. The live room is separate from the rest of the bar, so we are not looking for passive entertainment in the prime time slot. We like to put on dedicated shows that will bring out a fun crowd of people who appreciate our huge tap list, craft cocktails, and excellent food. The Pub does not take a percentage of cover, so we rely exclusively on bar sales to keep the doors open. If you are just starting out, the Pub might not be the right spot for you. Try building a bill with bands who have a following. Help us make a night of it, and everyone wins.


Q: What can I do for the Pub?

A: Bring us your fans, your friends, your huddled masses yearning to drink some high quality draught beer and craft cocktails. Promote yourself! Let everyone know how great you’re going to sound at the new and improved Alberta Street Pub.


Q: What sort of compensation does the Pub offer?

A: Typically, we do not offer guarantees. We let you set the door charge at a base minimum of $7 and split the take between the acts as you see fit. The Pub itself does not take any percentage of your door or merchandise sales. We do require that you defray the cost of the sound engineer, by taking $75 out of the door at the end of the night (the Pub pays the rest). We don’t want anyone to feel they are “paying to play,” so if you don’t feel confident in bringing at least 30 people to your show on a Wednesday or 50+ on a Thurs/Fri/Sat, then we probably aren’t the right venue for you.


Q: Why did you raise your minimum cover to $7?

A: We feel the continuing devaluation in music is a detriment to the community as a whole. We want to see a crowd that appreciates your art and the quality of our establishment. It’s a sad state of affairs when people are only willing to pay slightly less than the cost of a pint to see three great local artists perform. A higher cover ensures fair pay for the musicians.


Q: Do you provide a door person?

A: UPDATE - We no longer provide a door person under any circumstances. Bands either share door watch duties or recruit a fan for free admission.


Q: Why do you only allow 2 full bands:

A: This is a loose rule and open to negotiation. Typically if you have a drum kit and more than 2 players, that’s our idea of a full band. We have limited storage, and keeping the lineup restricted saves space, allows a sound check for everyone, and facilitates a faster changeover. Also, there is  generally more money to go around for the musicians after a show. Three act bills are permitted and encouraged if the opener is a solo performer or simple duo acoustic act. Exceptions can be made for acoustic-only events, but will be limited based on total players and house discretion.


Q: How far out do you book?

A: Typically 3 to 4 months.


Q: I want to play a weekend!

A: We’re looking for big draws to make the beer flow on weekends, so tell us what you can do! Better yet, come in and show us what you’ve got on a weeknight or weekend afternoon. If you blow it up, we’ll be excited to have you back often and on premium nights.


Q: We rock. We rock so hard. You don’t even understand how hard we rock. Can we play the Pub?

A: Depends. We’re a neighborhood bar and venue, so we have to consider the noise ordinance. We like to keep our neighbors and the authorities happy.  Furthermore, we’re focused on being the best sounding venue possible – not the loudest. We encourage drummers to use bundle sticks and guitar players to turn those amps down (but not so far you lose your tone!). As of February 2016, we will be enforcing our loudness restrictions more so than in the past. We want to keep our Pub friendly and open for everyone! We will mic all amps and ask that you keep their stage volume low. If you can’t live without your Marshall half stack, the Pub probably isn’t the right venue for your sound.


Q: We have our own sound person, can we bring them in to do sound and avoid this $75 business?

A: During the afternoon and early evening time slot you are free to use the stage-based PA yourself or bring your own sound wizard! During the prime time slot we prefer to utilize our own experienced sound engineers.


Q: Can we do an all-ages show?

A: We are happy to host all-ages events in our afternoon/early evening time slot. These are family-friendly events, but they must end by 8pm at the latest. We are 21+ after 8pm. This is an Oregon Liquor Control Commission related restriction, and there are no exceptions. We do not have a minor-friendly section of the bar after 8pm.


Q: Is the venue available for private events?

A: Yes! Email for a quote. Please include as many details as possible: the number of guests, budget, time frame, the type of event, if you will have live music, if you are interested in catering, etc. Pricing varies with the season and day of the week. We have helped host movie premieres, corporate happy hours, wedding receptions, bachelor/ette parties, and more!


Q: I really want to do a free show. Can I?

A: Possibly, but then you are paying to play. The $75 to the sound tech is still due at the end of the evening. Requests for free shows will be evaluated on a case by case basis.


Q: Why haven’t you returned my emails?

A: It's possible that you asked something that was covered in the FAQ, or you slipped through the cracks, in which case I am truly sorry. Please try again.


Q: Can I call the booking agent or meet with them in person?

A: Certainly! In order to keep our correspondence clear, in order and organized, it is best for us to do it all through email. However, the booking agent does keep regular hours at the Pub. You can find him most weekdays between 12pm and 8pm or by appointment. These hours are subject to change however, so it’s best to call ahead before dropping in. Call us at 503-284-7665 and ask for Chris. Please use the email system for initial booking inquiries, but if you just want to talk about the venue or ask questions feel free to come say hi!


Q: What sort of hospitality do you offer artists?

A: Each performer is entitled to one $10 token good for food and/or drink. There is no change available from these tokens, and they do not work like cash – leftover value cannot be used for a tip – so please be courteous to your servers and bartenders. There is a maximum of 12 tokens per night.


Q: How do you help promote my show?

A: We advertise in print media and display your posters around the Pub. We have an active social media presence, and our website features an event-oriented space with artist info and links. We are open to helping out in any other way we can!


Q: I’d like a recording of my show, how much would that cost?

A: A multi-track recording that includes a board mix is always available, but we do not allow board feeds. The cost is $20 per act (if you do multiple sets the cost does not increase, but each band or artist's set is charged individually). There are two options for obtaining your tracks:

             • You may bring your own drive (USB or Thunderbolt), but make sure you have                 sufficient free space. Wav files are large, and if you have a lot of sources or a long                   set we can easily run over 10 gigabytes.

              • If you do not have your own drive we have 8 GB thumb drives available for an additional                  $5 each. This is sufficient for most sets, but as we mentioned previously longer or more                  complicated sets may require two drives.

*Please Note* These tracks are unmixed! They are great for applying to promotional videos if you are comfortable doing your own mix or if the board mix track is sufficient. If you are interested in a live album for your band, please inquire about availability.


Q: Do you allow videography?

A: Absolutely! Make sure you communicate our recording terms to those involved, but we're happy to help you get new promotional videos out to the world.


Q: What happened to the church pews?

A: They got pretty gross. I think they went to the dump. Let’s pretend they went to a nice home somewhere instead.


Q: Do you have a piano/drum kit/throne/amps/instruments of any kind?

A: Sorry, no. We really wish our stage could fit a piano. It’s just not in the cards.




Booking: Chris Andersen • Email: • Phone: 503-284-7665